bestgdl on 01/30/2018

Let us answer some of the most frequently questions:

1.- How much is an structural engineering project nowadays?
That entirely depends on the level of  difficulty, size and many other factors. Please send your project or some description about it to get an estimate.

2.- What’s more convenient according to your experience, steel frame or concrete?
For industrial purposes steel frame has been proved to be the best option due to its lightness. On the other hand, when it comes to infrastructure and housing, concrete has been proved to be more affordable and sustainable in the future. In general terms, selection of materials for a specific type of construction depends of multiple factors, and they all may be worth of a deeper analysis to make a choice that suits best the requirements of any particular project.

3.- What’s the cost of an structure?
It may vary depending on the size, design loads and some other factors. At this point, you can be sure we’re always bringing efficient solutions to the table, the final goal is to provide the best results at a reasonable price. That being said, we’re honored to share with you some that of our clients has been awarded in the past thanks to our contribution.

4.- What kind of software technology you rely on?
Software like ETAB’S for structure analysis, StaadPro, Adapt, AnemGC and ZWCad for construction drawing. All of our software is running on a license and updated with the latest version.

5.- Do you visit the construction in the process?
As part of our service, visits to the construction in process are scheduled. We do this to make sure we’re meeting all the requirements of our clients. Although, it’s important to be clear and say this doesn’t (for any circumstances) represent a supervision of quality control, those are duties linked to other participants in the construction.

6.- How do you manage in case of any deviation of the project?
First, it’s important to say our scope is to cover all the services of engineering needed within the contract between the company and our clients. Changes that represent working on any progress that’s been made at that point should be recalculated. Time and resources invested to bring a solution would be considered to fix a fair price between the parts.

7.- What are the guarantees on your quality offer?
All projects are backed by a global professional liability policy. Rest assured, all the expenses involved in case of any flaws related to the quality of the engineering services we’re offering. Nonetheless, we have never made use of that policy and the satisfaction of every client is our final guarantee.

8.- What can I expect when delivering a project?
We deliver the architectural plot (digital and printed) as the main asset. Format may vary but 90 x 60 cm is the standard for most cases. Technical comments are. Drawings would be handled in .dwg format, although they could come in Revit format according to our clients’ needs.

9.- How big is the company and your capacity?
The company is build upon a great team of 28 professionals. This allows us to develop (with passion and careful attention) more than 600,000 m2  projects of structural engineering every year.  

10.- Are you available for any project outside Guadalajara city?
We’re are definitely interested and ready to attend any project within Mexico. As a matter of fact, we’re working in several projects in cities/states like Los Cabos, Tijuana, Tampico, Mexico City, Puebla, Chiapas and Quintana Roo to mention a few.   

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.